Construction Management/Inspection

Managing the various aspects of a construction project, including coordination of the subcontractors ensuring that all work is progressing in compliance with plans and codes and planning for inspections is a daunting task. ARS streamlines the process by guiding project teams through the necessary steps.

They review the project and develop punch lists outlining the specific areas to be addressed, identify parties responsible for each piece, and identify timetables and target dates. Owners and developers are given frequent status reports to keep them apprised of the progress and any potential concerns.

ARS coordinates with all governmental agencies involved with project inspections and helps to ensure compliance and mediate any disputes. The firm’s team accumulates documents needed for inspections, coordinates with building inspectors, obtains signatures needed, and delivers the materials to the appropriate people. They also prepare the building and conduct pre-testings of the life safety system.

Final Inspection Coordination

After all your months or years of hard work, your project comes down to the final inspections. With so much riding on successful final inspections, and so many agencies involved, this can be the most stressful and demanding aspect of the construction process. ARS is available to professionally and reliably handle all details involved in final inspections and help ensure that the process goes smoothly. This allows you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the sense of accomplishment that occurs as a successful project draws to a close.

As with initial inspections, the firm’s staff meets with engineers, contractors and subs to conduct pretesting of systems. They act as the liaison between city officials, fire inspectors, and contractors and developers. They assist in development of punch lists and oversee correction of deficiencies while monitoring each step of the process and ensuring that all Special Inspections are signed off and cleared by the plan checker.

When all is ready to proceed, ARS assists with final testing of the building in coordination with various City building officials and obtains the necessary signatures and other documentation required for a Temporary Occupancy Permit or Certificate of Final Occupancy.

Special Inspections take place before CFC. ARS ensures all Special Inspections are signed off and cleared by the plan checker.

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