Code Consulting

Building Code Compliance

The intricacies and complexities of building codes can be mind-boggling. The sheer volume of information is overwhelming. And just when you think you have it figured out, they change the rules. ARS often arranges pre-application meetings with Planning, Building, and Fire departments to work together to determine parameters and can provide you with in-depth knowledge of current building codes as they pertain to your project.

  1. Schematic:

    Client and architect develop their dreams and ARS assists in determining the extent to which the dream can come true. ARS often arranges pre-application meetings with Planning and Building departments to work together to determine parameters and changes. The benefit to the client is early communications with the AHJ (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) which results in strong team negotiations.

  2. Design Development:

    Ideally, ARS is brought in on a project during the planning stages where the firm’s professional team can review conceptual drawings and identify potential compliance issues. The staffs’ extensive construction experience and in-depth understanding of building codes enables them to offer suggestions for equivalencies that satisfy code and meet design criteria in the most economical manner.

    Once guidelines are more defined on a project, the actual architectural, mechanical, electrical, foundation and soil plans can be developed. ARS once again reviews and may need to go back to the AHJ. ARS interfaces with the Design Team to answer code compliance issues and dialog with the professionals.

  3. Construction Documents:

    When all parameters are finalized, construction documents for contractors and sub contractors can be available for bid during this phase. ARS submits these documents to building officials for approval. We develop an Addendum process with the Building department which facilitates breaking ground on the project without the final permits for every phase of the building.

  4. Construction Administration:

    ARS believes that a key aspect of any successful project is open communication between all parties and respectful business relationships. They initiate meetings between their clients and staff of regulatory agencies likely to be involved in the project.

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