Services Overview

ARS has the knowledge and expertise to assist in building projects from design to occupancy, providing guidance, finesse, and attention to detail at every step of the process. Many clients that originally hire ARS for just one aspect of their project are impressed with the company’s initiative and ability to get things done, and ultimately choose to involve the organization in all other essential areas to help ensure timely and compliant completion of the work. 75 percent of ARS clients use over 3/4th of all services offered by the company.

Many in the construction industry consider the permitting process a necessary evil. Everyone wants their project to be safe, architecturally feasible, and in compliance with local zoning and redevelopment regulations. But the permitting process can often be an area of ambiguity, confusion, and frustration. ARS can help you get through the process.

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The intricacies and complexities of building codes can be mind-boggling. The sheer volume of information is overwhelming. And just when you think you have it figured out, they change the rules. ARS is a leader in code compliance and can provide you with in-depth knowledge of current building codes as they pertain to your project.

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Disabled access and accommodation is required on all public buildings. Incorporating these features into a design plan is one thing, but applying them in an actual construction setting can prove difficult, especially if incorporating existing structures, historic buildings or creative design features. The best possible solution is not always readily available or is not accepted by regulatory agencies.

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Managing the various aspects of a construction project, including coordination of the subcontractors ensuring that all work is progressing in compliance with plans and codes and planning for inspections is a daunting task. ARS streamlines the process by guiding project teams through the necessary steps.

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ARS facilitates the plan approval process by coordinating activities with the city and state governing agencies, architectural/structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire departments. With an eye for design and architectural concepts, and familiarity with the specifics of how each agency prefers things be done, Tony Sanchez-Corea, III is able to provide input on potential problems, offer viable solutions, and review blueprints for compliance, and other documents before submission.

Permit Management is one of the company’s main areas of service. As the organization responsible for the permitting piece of the project, ARS is available to coordinate all aspects of the permitting process so that the other members of the team can focus on their areas of expertise.

The ARS Advantage

  • Extensive knowledge of codes which are in constant state of change (from 1 small code manual 25 years ago to volumes of codes that are over 6ft high)
  • Experience with emergency planning and disabled access
  • History of solid working relations with local agencies
  • National reputation in permit expiditing
  • Expert in analyzing occupancy loads and exiting

Due to their extensive knowledge of the area and their continuous history in the construction business, ARS is relied upon to recall code histories related to modifications of existing buildings.

Throughout every step of the process, ARS is able to save clients time, money and frustration. As the company’s reputation continues to grow, many owners and developers insist on having ARS involved with their projects from the start.

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