510 Townsend

510 Townsend

Project Overview: 510 Townsend
  • Location: 510 Townsend
  • Type: New Construction
  • Description:

    The 317,000 square feet LEED Platinum building is seven stories on Townsend and five stories on Harriet. The brick facade, black mullions, and small glass windowpanes are inspired by neighboring historic buildings. A through-block pedestrian path encourages the community to take a "short cut" through the site and enjoy a landscaped mini-plaza with a significant public art installation. The 20,000 square foot roof deck features an urban garden and 360 degree skyline views. The building's side core has a six story atrium with a winding stair.

  • Client: Studios Architecture
  • Dates: 2015-2018
  • Cost: $88 million

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