ARS is a small, but dynamic second generation family owned business founded by A.R. Sanchez-Corea in 1981. From its beginning, ARS has been a hands-on company. A.R. Sanchez-Corea started in the industry in the late 1960’s as an installer of public address and communications systems. He soon developed a combination of impressive technical know-how, strong working relationships with industry professionals, and first-hand knowledge of procedures and codes that made him a constant source of information and guidance for fire marshals, builders, inspectors, and others in the field.

This reputation for honest, invaluable knowledge and a respect for clients and industry professionals has been the foundation for the company and continues to drive ARS’ current philosophy and practices under the leadership of President, Tony Sanchez-Corea, III. ARS staff is deeply committed to serving the community through participation on national, state and city boards as well as with multiple charitable works.

For over thirty years, ARS has occupied a unique position in the San Francisco building industry, developing and implementing effective solutions to code compliance issues from the conceptual design phase to final completion. ARS understands the developer’s vision and assists architectural and engineering design teams to reach their goals by managing the interrelationships between all disciplines, from permit to Certificate of Final Completion. Equivalencies are negotiated to satisfy code requirements and meet design criteria in the most economical manner. The company’s reputation for success is so strong that it relies solely on word of mouth and referrals from satisfied customers as a means of promoting the business.

ARS has been involved in some of the largest and most complicated building projects in San Francisco, providing innovative and inspiring solutions, facilitating interactions between owners, permitting professionals, community groups and others impacted by the project, and coordinating all aspects of the permitting process. ARS sees themselves as part of a team and recognizes that successful projects are the result of everyone working together to do their part. Knowledge, experience, foresight, tenacity, finesse, endless energy, and a good sense of humor are all key elements in a smooth permitting process. ARS brings the perfect combination of these traits to each and every project, and this has earned them a reputation as the best in the business.

At ARS, teamwork is the culture, not a concept. Only in an environment of teamwork, are great things achieved. ARS team members share the desire to exceed client expectations and work tirelessly to achieve that goal.

ARS Code-Ken Reviewing Drawings

ARS Senior Associate, Ken, reviewing drawings with SFFD plan checker.

A Family-Run Business Serving San Francisco Builders For Over 30 Years