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Mission Statement

A.R. Sanchez-Corea & Associates, Inc., ARS, is a pioneer and an innovator in the building and permit code consulting field. The company’s goal is to provide the information and industry expertise necessary to enable clients to plan proactively and complete projects on time and in full compliance. Integrity, honesty, problem solving, and customer service are guiding principals, as is an appreciation for the professional staff involved in the permitting process. With an ability to see the big picture and to provide accurate and insightful guidance, ARS strives to continue its history of excellence and leadership, and to remain an integral and invaluable resource for the San Francisco Bay Area building industry for years to come.

The ARS Advantage

  • Extensive knowledge of local and national codes which are in constant state of change
  • Experience with emergency planning and disabled access
  • History of solid working relations with local agencies
  • National reputation in permit expediting
  • Expert in analyzing occupancy loads and exiting